Health and care from nature. Swiss quality. Herbacross innovator in the production of Artemisinin tablets.

We believe in what nature has created over time, and that belief has shaped who we are and has guided every step of how we grow, produce, and extract our herbs since early 1994.

We create high quality herbal products in a way that maintains the health of people and our community.

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aims to provide people today with traditional herbal medicines, in some cases known and practiced for millennia, in the form of effective phytotherapeutic products that meet the highest quality requirements based on the latest knowledge in the field of natural products. , medicine and ecological cultivation.

Quality and care

We create high quality herbal products in a way that maintains the health of people and our community.

Knowledge and expertise

HERBACROSS is committed to maintaining and developing knowledge about herbal medicine and human health in general.

Only the best

The best raw materials are the basis for the highest efficiency. The constantly growing share of our controlled cultivation guarantees the highest possible quality of raw materials.

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